Change Your Life

Change your life for the better- live a joyous and abundant life!

To change your life you will need to change your mental beliefs and attitudes and subsequently change your actions. We cannot continue to hold the same beliefs that created our reality and expect our reality to change. If you want to make a lasting change in your life you must change your mindset and work to raise your vibration. If you want to change your life for the better then you need to guide your thoughts towards joy, love and abundance. Worrying and complaining not only takes you out of the present, which is the point in which we create our future, but also sends out negative energy that will bring you down and keep you there. Now, there are times when we feel negative emotion. That is completely natural, but the point is to recognize and observe the negative emotion but not to get attached to it and wallow in it forever. Keep gently guiding your thoughts towards a more balance point of view.

If you want to create a more joyous and abundant life then you have to guide your thoughts toward those feelings, now! I cannot stress enough how important it is (crucial even!) that you keep your focus on higher energies more often. You cannot wait until you have what you want, as the law of attraction just doesn’t work that way. Think the good thoughts now, and reap the rewards later!

Changing your life takes practice- it is simple, but not easy.

Remember to have fun and practice joyful thinking, and not to put too much pressure on yourself. Take baby steps towards a life of joy and abundance, but be diligent! It takes perseverance to make lasting changes to your life. Remember to keep practicing, and keep asking for even more joy, more prosperity, more love, and more wellness! Practice daily, and change your life for good! It will happen and it’s quicker and easier than you think. Ask your higher self to step in and help you!

If you want prosperity, then celebrate your prosperity every time you get paid, or find a quarter in the street, or win even $1 in the lottery! Celebrate your prosperity through generosity- give away old clothing to charity, or donate $5 to help animals. Do what you can with what you have to feel prosperous.

If you want more love, then spread love first. Act in a loving manner to the best of your abilities. Appreciate the love you have now by thanking your friends for being in your life. Call a loved one or smile at a stranger.

If you want more joy then practice finding it everywhere. Stop and look around at your surroundings often. What do you like? Stay present in the moment and notice the joy that can be found at all times. Surround yourself with items that bring you joy- for me it’s scented lotions, candles, animals and flowers.

Live your life with purpose- set your intentions in the morning and visualize an ideal day, and then do what you can to make it happen through being loving, abundant and joyous! Do this every day, and watch your life shift in ways you have never imagined. Whatever you want more of, look for it and create it. Want more humor? Do something to make others laugh first! Can you put yourself out there with an open heart and mind?

Today I will practice gently guiding my thoughts towards joy, peace and abundance. I am creating a more beautiful life, one thought at a time. I focus on what I want!